BlueBear Solutions understands the importance of meeting sensitive deadlines with a quality product and is prepared to be available to our clients 24/7 in order to do so.

Quality Control
BlueBear employs a quality control system that allows our clients to have the peace of mind of knowing that every project delivered will be produced exactly as they expected.

Our sales and production associates are trained to handle large volumes of complex document productions with sensitive deadlines, while maintaining the highest quality.

Services include:

Reproduce large volumes of documents in a specific manner and on a sensitive deadline. Copy operators trained in the litigation support field are prepared to complete copy projects, large and small, with attention to detail and quality control.

As offices across the country push toward paperless solutions for their document production needs, we are helping to make the transition with high speed scanning equipment and trained technicians. We help simplify and streamline reviewing and producing documents with our digitizing capabilities.

Receiving large volumes electronic documents that need to be transferred back to hard copies is a service often requested. Whether in black and white or color, we are prepared to help.

X-Ray Digitization/Duplication
Scan Radiology films to CD complete with built-in viewer and toolbar.