Courts across the country have embraced the use of electronic evidence presentations as an efficient way to present your case, and jurors now expect a certain level of technical sophistication when receiving information.

As a trial attorney, your goal is to focus your case’s fact finder(s) and to deliver your complicated message in an easily digestible form. The use of courtroom technology enables you to streamline your presentation by allowing instant access to any of your demonstratives, documents, videos or trial exhibits in any order and “on the fly.” Using BlueBear will ensure you captivate your audience’s attention with powerful annotation tools that permit zooming in on key text, highlighting important language, splitting the screen for document comparisons, and displaying deposition video with or without close caption text alongside of the referenced exhibit in the designated testimony.

BlueBear’s Trial Consultants will provide all the technical and consultative support needed to help reinforce key themes and facts, as well as to increase the likelihood your message will be understood and remembered.

Trial Boards


Whether it’s the “smoking gun” document, a key trial exhibit, or a persuasive demonstrative, BlueBear’s reprographics department can enlarge, print and mount on a foam core board any of your case’s material. Often times Trial Boards prove to be a great complement alongside your multimedia presentation, as the boards remain visible for extended periods of time for the jury’s reference. Do you need to interact with your Trial Board? We can create magnetic backs, as well as apply a dry erase coating to all of your boards.

Typical Courtroom Setup


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